Tuesday 8 September 2015

UKPC story so far

UK Parking Control Wardens have been caught out altering the time on their smartphones to issue tickets. The story is the second most popular on the BBC web site.

Here is a summary of the story so far

Analysis of the shadow's on Simone's car

Neil - boot up

Matt - two cars in one space at the same time

How Smartphone timestamps can be faked

UK Parking Control admit to the problem

Here is another report suggesting the problem may go back to 2011

Other frauds which UK Parking Control wardens may be perpetrating

Issuing charge when ticket is shown in the windscreen

Other Dodgy Practices UK PC Wardens are reported using

Ticketing vehicles in residential complexes at 3-4am in the morning

Targeting residents in their own spaces

Targeting cancer wards as drivers have other things on their minds (Secrets of The Parking Wardens, Channel 4)

Ghost ticketing (putting a ticket on, photographing it, then removing it) (Secrets of The Parking Wardens, Channel 4)


The fraudulent and sharp practices documented are a direct result of UK PC's business strategy of providing free car park management. This means they must make their money by aggressively ticketing drivers. A previous blog illustrates how this dramatically increases the number of charges issues by comparing two hospital sites.

The Supreme Court is currently deliberating on a matter involving another car parking company, ParkingEye, who also offer parking management for free and who also have been detected using large numbers of dodgy practices. The result is expected in October; we can then expect sanity to return to car park management, or a ticketing free-for-all, depending on the result.

How parking companies tried to manipulate the law to validate their charges

One of the common frauds perpetrated by parking companies is double dipping - charging for one long visit when two were actually made.

Dodgy Practices from Civil Enforcement Limited (CEL)

CEL and sister company DEAL are well known for issuing court claims but not turning up for hearings, relying on scaring people into paying, even though they have no actual case against them. There is currently a criminal case against both companies being held in Aberdeen.

11 DEAL cases stayed in Birmingham

Is Ashley Cohen committing fraud or perjury?

Other Articles

Number of parking court cases filed in 2014

ParkingEye's attempt at gagging The Prankster

ParkingEye v Beavis hoax phone call

How it all started. Highview Parking issue  ticket for overstay when in fact two visits were made.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. A timely reminder of exactly how greedy and unprincipled the private parking sector really is. ParkingEye are just as bad, there have been numerous cases (far too many to be coincidental) where motorists have visited a car park twice in a day, and sent a charge notice as if it was one long ticket. Parking Eye then continue to try and enforce these, even when confronted with the evidence.

    One can only hope that their learned Lordships Neuberger, Toulson, Sumption, Mance, Carnwath, Clarke and Hodge will read the BBC article and realise what they will be letting loose if they uphold the Court of Appeal's misguided decision.

    1. The thing that worries me the most is that M'learned Lordships deliberations are based on the premise that the signs were prominent and plentiful, Barry Beavis could not have failed to see them and deliberately overstayed. If the Supreme Court side with the Parking(sh)Eye(sters), then the judgement will be used to hammer victims of more and more, less than obvious, clandestine rules. M'learned Lordships should be careful about giving these weasels a license to print money.

  2. A newer more insidious tactic is ghost ticketing by Self Ticketing site operatives.
    Since the time for appeal to the IAS is set at 21 days the NTK arrives after the self imposed deadline so chopping off any attempt to appeal and a closing off a discounted payment if the keeper decides to pay up.
    UKCPS are heavily into this tactic.

  3. ghost ticketing is encouraged by many , look at national parking control (and others)

    clearly stated: "Upload the photograph with the nuisance parking details to your personal online account. This forms your parking ticket."

    1. "For each paid parking charge notice you will receive £12 revenue."
      I'm sure no liberties will be taken with that little set up :-/

  4. free starter pack applied for . will take many photos of cars on public and council property , with his clear signage in view , oh joy this will be fun

    1. I know of a car park that's in need of proper management and the tenants are terrified of commuters using their spaces.,-0.1037367,3a,34y,325.11h,77.57t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s1cpCM7xN6QSW1qPYElXAnA!2e0!5s20120901T000000!7i13312!8i6656

    2. Is that a blue car parked in a disabled bay with no blue badge on display? Shame on them

    3. Is that a blue car parked in a disabled bay with no blue badge on display? Shame on them

    4. A free starter pack. That'll be a real hoot won't it. EVERYONE must get one. There appears to be no checks made on the competency of the applicant either, let alone where on earth they intend to use them.

  5. CEL :-

    Sending a notice of assignment to a motorist assignment to DEAL. Lodging a court case as CEL.


    Claimed as CEL, won as CEL wouldn't accept payment as CEL as it was due to DEAL.


    Assigned to DEAL, claimed as CEL then stated assignment did not take effect.

    2nd one without the "assignment did not take effect" (different defendant)

    1. Missed one

      Assigned to Deal and taken to court as CEL.