Friday, 11 September 2015

UK Parking Control 'cash cow' bays at Tritton Retail Park

[Update: someone with local knowledge has contacted to correct the actual bays in question]

Yesterday an ex-UKPC warden explained how some bays at Tritton Retail Park were used as cash cows.

“On this site there are two parking spaces which are not actual spaces, even though they are marked up as bays, a lot of tickets were issued in these spaces to get numbers up (and probably still are).
“The end bay outside Staples, another bay between Pets at Home and PC World, were used as (cash cows), no signage to say these were not bays.

These are the two bays in question, courtesy of Google Maps

You can understand why cars should not park in the leftmost space; parking at the end of Staples would make it difficult to get down the access road.

The reason for not allowing parking by Pets at Home is less clear. Perhaps it is to do with disabled parking. For all intents and purposes, it does appear that where the green car is parked is a legitimate space..

Whatever the reasons the landowner does not want parking in that spot, this does not mean that the bays should be used as cash cows by parking companies. If motorists should not park there, the proper response would be to clearly mark this out, perhaps by using yellow crosshatches on the ground, and even a sign on the wall.

Do not park here; this is not a parking space 
This is a crucial difference between proper management of a car park, and using the car park as a cheap source of money.

Trinity Retail Park is managed by LaSalle investment management, and the contact agent is James Curson ( The Prankster calls on Mr Curson to organise proper marking for these non-bays.

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  1. He needs to organise a closure of his contract with UKPC more than do the markings.

  2. One possibly leads to the other. With the cash cows gone, UK PC may well want to go anyway

  3. Will the victims be issuing a Small Claim?

  4. With the full knowledge that UKPC are playing a numbers game, I can't see how you could possibly lose a case in front of an independent arbiter.

    Contract of adhesion, ambiguity, what defines a space? The very fact that they use yellow hatching to SHOW where they don't want you parking right next to an unmarked area where they SAY that they don't want you parking should fail the laugh test. Did they just run out of paint?

  5. UKPC was on You and Yours on Radio 4 this lunch time. Apparently everybody issued charges by the attendants concerned will be issued refunds automatically. I wonder how far back they will go?

    1. great , however EX attendants have come forward now , and admitted fraud. are there going to be refunds for cases involving them?

  6. It's Tritton Retail Park, Pranky and I emailed him and he replied thus:

    "Thank you for your email.
    We only look after the letting of the retail units.
    You will need to speak with the managing agent, details as below:-

    Adam Jolley BSc (Hons)
    DD: 0161 819 4251"

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  8. Refuse to use this, or the St Marks' car park precisely because of the parking regime. I'll order online and let these companies pay the postage, else go elsewhere.

  9. Oh, and i've contacted the local press and will let as many as I can avoid car parks like this too. It will be interesting to see whether Business rates are being paid on this land, if they're using it for business purposes and to make a profit, then I don't see any reason why they shouldn't be,

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