Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Greedy UKPC Warden 12938 fakes one ticket too many

UKPC Warden 12938 seems to have a favorite spot for faking his photos.

Here is a map of Tritton Retail Park showing the location he likes to select his victims from. Google Streetview can be used to check out this location and confirm the photographs really are of these parking spaces.

The red X is victim 1, taken on 18 June
The orange X is victim 2 taken on 23 August
The green X is victim 3 also taken on 23 August

All these tickets were issued by warden 12938. One theory for using this spot suggested to The Prankster is that it is not likely to have cars parked behind it or open shopfronts to discredit the evidence. Other spaces would show the rest of the car park, or the Morrisons car park across the road.
The Prankster thins this is very plausible. The location is also in a secluded corner where the warden could alter their smartphone time without being overlooked.

However, by always selecting the same spot, and choosing more than one victim a day, the warden has been a little too greedy. Here are his photographs from 23 August in time sequence order.

So we are supposed to believe that at 12:05 the sequence of cars is red, blue (victim 2), black. Then at 14:06 the red car is replaced by a silver car (victim 3), and the blue car by a yellow car. Then at 14:20, the red and blue cars come back, replacing silver and yellow. Finally at 16:21, the silver car returns, replacing the red car.

The other possibility of course, is that warden 12938 faked the timestamps on pictures 1 and 3.

Which is more likely?

The Prankster believes warden 12938 has sealed his fate by being too greedy.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

The Prankster would like to thank the person who pointed this out. You know who you are!


  1. But UKPC Warden 12938 is an honourable man.

  2. That's a beautiful spot there whoever you are. They're basically proven to be committing fraud by their own evidence!

  3. If warden 12938 is an honourable man and NEVER fakes photos, then each driver should appeal on a 'double dip' using the other's photos as evidence.

  4. Trading standards, police = fraud
    DVLA, BPA = sanctions and denial of DVLA access

    1. er, nice try but no cigar.

      The BPA Ltd has now completed it's investigation and found that some selfish motorists have colluded to blacken the good name of a hard working parking professional who is well known to be an honourable man.

  5. BPA?
    oh, the Blame Passing a**holes!
    Was lost there for a moment.

  6. Isn't this the hokey cokey?
    "You put the blue car in, the blue car out, in, out, in, out, then change them all about...

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  8. why should a warden WANT to photo a car when it arrives? , must be a hard day photoing hundreds of cars

    have the owners of those cars placed a sign on there windows saying "I am going to overstay , please photo me on entry"

    1. Another good thought. Well done Sherlock

    2. Is there not some data protection issue if the warden photographs ALL cars on his first round of the car park irrespective as at that stage none of them have infringed & conditions? What happens to the information pertaining to 'innocent' motorists vehicles and who is to say it does not get sold off to the highest car cloning bidder, for example?

    3. Lee - no, it's a public place and no expectation of privacy.

    4. Your forgetting the UKPC scandal of leaving millions of images on an open part of their website, they had lots of lovely photos of pet pigs, feet and large screen TVs by their over zealous so called wardens.

      They no doubt have no problems faking time stamps on photos.

  9. well why not ask then?

    when this is highlighted UKPC will reply with one of the following to account for there rogue warden

    1: he has been sent for extra training
    2: he has been dismissed
    3: we have changed his badge number , now !!!! off

  10. According to the newspaper article the Silver car was actually there on the 22nd not the 23rd!

    1. That's newspapers for you! According to the windscreen ticket, which I have a copy of, the ticket was issued on 23-8-2015 at 16:20

  11. There was no breach of contract for overstay then...
    The evidence clearly shows that there were two separate visits by both cars!

    I smell cooked goose!