Wednesday, 2 September 2015

More UKPC fakes. Facebook support group set up

A facebook support group has been set up by Matt Treacy, a victim of UKPC at Tritton Park. Matt parked at approximately 3.15pm, but the warden created a fake photograph putting the car there at 2.06.

The aim of the group is to get reports from other victims so that the relevant authorities can be alerted.
We aim to bring UKPC to the attention of the relevant authorities to deal with several cases of outright fraud taking place in Lincolns Car Parks.
The Prankster advises other victims to join the facebook group or to report directly to

Needed information are: the photographs; the warden number from the ticket; why you know you were not there at the times stated; permission to collate your reports with others and contact the authorities on your behalf.

The Lincolnite has also picked up on the story, giving more examples of fraudulent behaviour. Here are the photographs of Matt Treacy's car. 

Here are photographs of another car, from a couple who do not wish to be named. They left their house at 12:30 but the warden faked photos to make it loos as if they were there at 12:05. However, the cars either side are clearly the same, and the sun reflected in the glass is in the same position.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. You could counter their shenanigans by putting a battery operated large kitchen clock on the dash and in rear window. Not that you should have to.

  2. "The shadow of the aerial has not moved in the time."

    I think it's actually a reflection of the car aerial that you can see. A shame there isn't enough sun to provide decent shadows to more accurately estimate the time difference between the photographs though.