Thursday, 10 September 2015

UK Parking Control warden explains how the scam works

The Lincolnite has been contacted by an ex warden to explain how the parking scams work.

“This was one of my former sites I used to cover, being an ex employee of UKPC.
“When they take you on, you are on a KPI scheme. For 20-30 tickets it’s £2 a ticket, 30-40 £3 and so on, however in real world terms, in this car park (Tritton Road) that’s big ticket numbers.
“The push for tickets on this site was unreal, I used to get calls, texts and emails at all hours of the day and night, constantly demanding more, more, more.
“On this site there are two parking spaces which are not actual spaces, even though they are marked up as bays, a lot of tickets were issued in these spaces to get numbers up (and probably still are).
“The end bay outside Staples, another bay between Pets at Home and PC World, were used as (cash cows), no signage to say these were not bays.
“Photos often used to be taken at angles to make it look like people were parked really far out of bays, when they were not.
“As for the time stamp fiasco, CCTV used to be checked first thing in the morning by the car park attendant.
“Let’s say a car entered car park at 9:45 and it was seen on CCTV at 12:00 that time, the warden would change time on camera phone to 9:45 go out and take a picture, then change time again to 12:00, then take a final picture – this was common practice.”
The questions which now must be answered by UK Parking Control are how long has this been going  on for; is this going on with tacit approval of management; how will affected motorists be identified and compensated?

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  1. Clear fraud and UKPC should have there licence revoked

  2. Oh, he is one of the guys that they have just sacked???

    Or he just knew about the scams?

  3. "how will affected motorists be identified and compensated?"

    Ha, Ha, Ha, Yeah, like they are going to bother with that. If the councils try to get out of it, the private sector won't even bother to give a sh*t.

  4. KPI = Key performance indicator

    this means ticket or get sacked.

  5. I think we found an explanation how they manage to check the duration of stays of cars without ANPR - they use CCTV recordings. This makes much more sense than the alternative suggested previously (that they photograph every single car when they start patrolling the car park, just in case that car overstays). This also makes much more sense in explaining why they all know how to change the timestamps on their phones. It is clearly their modus operandi and not just an errant warden. I think this needs proper pushing up the food chain - but I have a feeling the BPA won't give a toss (and even if they do, UKPC will simply go to the shitpot scam operation that is the IPC) - and the DVLA won't give a toss either. Shameful.

  6. If scumbag Rupert was to drive up to an old folks home in his Aston Martin, tap an elderly lady on the head and rob her of her pension of £100, give her £50 back for being so generous as to allow her assailant to knock her down, then you have all the same elements of a parking scam.
    It's a criminal act for God's sake. It isn't a civil matter so why the hell aren't the police up to speed on this?

    1. Oh, I see they are.
      For what it;s worth as the result of a proper investigation will probably bring out enough for all past victims to be refunded, I would expect nothing less than the personal and business bank account of UKPC and directors) to be frozen and some sort of prohibition on movement of any personal or company assets either.

    2. guess the Serious Fraud Office says it all.....

      "Corporate fraud
      What is corporate fraud?

      Fraud occurring within an organisation is known as corporate fraud. This involves deliberate dishonesty to deceive the public, investors or lending companies, usually resulting in financial gain to the criminals or organisation."

    3. And usually resulting in a prison sentence.

      Time for the BPA to rid itself of this parasite

  7. The question of corporate fraud really only comes into play if you can show that the company knew about or trained and encouraged the alteration of the pictures as opposed to rogue operators operating beyond the law as we know it.

    Without some form of evidence of a controlling mind within the company the police would be on a hiding to nothing.

    1. It's obvious - if this isn't their modus operandi then how could they possibly know which cars overstay? And have proof of overstaying? They would have to take pictures of every single car entering, just in case it might overstay. It is absurd to assume this is how they work. So the only possible way of operating is by using CCTV and faking time stamps, just like the warden has committed to. There is no other possible way. Simples.

  8. emails and internal correspondence.
    Let's hope they take their computers away for analysis and those of their "wardens" as well as any text messages on personal mobiles

  9. Conspiracy does exist.
    We need another whistle-blower

    1. Damage limitation?

      It goes nowhere to address the problem though and I see this as little more of an appeasement exercise to show "good faith" in the ongoing fraud investigations