Saturday, 26 September 2015

Civil Enforcement Limited Criminal Case proceeds in Aberdeen. Threatening letters continue.

The next hearing of the CEL criminal case is scheduled for Tuesday 29th September at Aberdeen Sherriff Court

The case is number 26, and the court number is 3.

This will be most likely another short hearing. The actual case is due to be heard over two days in the new year.

Any observers can report back to The Prankster at

The court action does not seem to have stopped Civil Enforcement Limited sending out threatening letters to keepers in Scotland, as per this thread on pepipoo regarding an incident at Irvine.

QDR Recoveries is a trading name of QDR Solicitors Limited, who are a wholly owned subsidiary of Wright Hassall LLP. Aberdeen Trading Standards might therefore be interested in adding Wright Hassall et al to the list of defendants.

Wright Hassall are well known for threatening litigation on behalf of their client ZZPS Ltd. However, ZZPS Ltd are just a debt collector and have not been assigned the debt by Civil Enforcement Limited. It is no therefore clear what right Wright Hassall have to instigate any claim or to transfer to their 'legal partner'.

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