Sunday, 13 September 2015

Gladstones score double payday from hapless operator

Gladstones managed to get double fees out of hapless operator Premier Park.

Gladstones operate a no-frills claim filing system where they file anything the operator provides without checking that there is any validity to the claim, if the details make sense, or if the particulars are sufficient to allow the defendant to defend the claim.

Premier Park decided to use them to pursue a parking charge and Will Hurley filed the first claim.

The claim was duly struck out by DDJ Hall at Exeter for not containing enough information in the particulars of claim.

Not satisfied with gouging Premier Park once, Gladstones tried again. The claim was refiled, this time by Jamie Ashford.

The claim was of course struck out a second time. DDJ Gardener at Southampton, struck it out as it had already been struck out once.

The Prankster recommends that parking companies wishing to file a claim select a solicitor who knows the law.

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  1. A classic "double dip".
    Talk about biting the hand that feeds you

  2. That is farcical. I think they're now barred from recovering that charge now, unless they managed to have the orders set aside, but that would likely cost them more than it's worth.

  3. Abuse of process. Now further claims allowed without leave.

  4. I am in an exact identical situation. Same particulars, same solicitor. Oh dear...