Wednesday, 9 September 2015

How much lost business has UK Parking Control cost Tritton Retail Park?

Here is a typical response from a shopper who spent a lot of money and received a parking charge.

Aggressive parking policies benefit no one except the parking company. Tritton Retail Park has now lost a customer who will take their business elsewhere.

The trick is to find the happy balance between landowner, motorist and operator. This will never be achieved by landowners letting their car parks be managed 'for free'. Portion controlling shoppers is a recipe for disaster, lost business and reputational damage.

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  1. Aggressive ticketing may even cost the retailers more in business rates. The following clause is from the rating valuers manual.
    In the case of Business Rates the Valuation Office Rating
    Manual Volume 5 suggests thus

    "In some cases whilst there is no provision for parking charges,
    operator rigidly applies a policy of penalty charges to anyone who
    overstays their free parking period. Where a significant income is
    generated from this source, there is a presumption of value; how
    much will depend on the facts.

    Penalty charges may be levied by car park operators. In most cases, penalty charges should be considered to be part of the Gross

  2. It's an appealing parable, but how could any particular shop or Tritton Retail Park itself get a UKPC penalty "quashed" on the spot? Aren't UKPC one of the outfits that blithely ignores instructions from the landowner?

  3. Does sound a little too, well...... constructed.
    You could always give him a call or email though
    The person stands up in a company search:

    You could email from here:

  4. love the idea of returning the goods........hit'em where it hurts

  5. The daft thing is that finding a space has never been a problem during the week. In spite of it being one of the closest free car parks to the High St, we go there on a regular basis Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (my days off) and it is never filled up with commuters staying all day.