Saturday, 12 September 2015

UK Parking control continue to chase victims

Although UK Parking Control have issued a statement explaining that they would be refunding victims of the timestamp fraud, they appear not to have informed their payment department.

Neil Horton, one of the victims in Sheffield, today received a demand to pay £100 following POPLA's failure to adjudicate in his favour.

Although the letter is dated 3 September it was received today, 12 September, suggesting it was posted either Thursday 10th or Friday 11th. Incorrectly dating letters is a common parking company trick. The letter gives 14 days to pay from the date of the letter, which expires on Thursday 17th. This puts extra pressure on motorists.

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  1. they have been at it elsewhere.

  2. I don't know what Neil Horton's financial situation is like but it might be fun just to pay this invoice and wait patiently to see if UKPC's refund machine is anywhere near as well oiled as their payment demand machine. We could also see if Patrick Trouser-Fire's teeth are anywhere near as sharp as he claimed they were on the telly recently. (Once you're sufficiently bored, Neil, MCOL is for you)

  3. UKPC have been chasing me for a PCN payment from LAST October and I have a file of their letters/threats going back since then.

    They of course contain the usual threats "if you do not pay within 14 days we'll advise our solicitors to act on our behalf ..."(btw fine is currently up to £160.00). Despite awaiting any sort of Letter Before Action none has been forthcoming.

    Interestingly since Barry Beavis' case was heard UKPC have gone silent on me!
    No doubt awaiting judgement, such is their confidence in their own position that they have to await such hand-holding by the courts. Let's all hope that common sense and justice prevail and these criminals get their cummupance!!