Friday, 11 September 2015

UK Parking Control - 3rd warden implicated

A report in the Worcester news suggests the UK Parking Control timestamp scam has been going on since at least February 2015.

The incident happened in a car park in Diglis, which if substantiated means at least 3 wardens and car parks are implicated.

The photographs appear to show the car parked at 2.13pm. However the victim, Mrs Gashi, only arrived at about 4pm and was in Powick prviously with her parents, who can vouch for her and her car's whereabouts.

UK Parking Control stated at the time:
“Our photographic evidence is clearly date and time stamped.”
"date and time stamps on its equipment cannot be altered."
The motorist appeal to POPLA, and was turned down. POPLA are not geared up to expect the parking companies to commit fraud, and their verdict was as follows:

"On a balance of probabilities I am satisfied that the vehicle was parked on site at the times stated on the operator's photographs."
The police were asked to investigate, but declined, stating it was a civil matter.

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  1. Easy, tell UKPC to take them to court whereby they will produce witnesses that can confirm that they were not in the car park for those times.

    Check Mate

  2. Three different employees at three different sites independently came up with exactly the same scam. Looks like Cap'n Kirk will be busy again.

  3. Try this if you are on of the scammed.

    1. And this, but it isn't a personal recommendation of the law firm. Just to show how it all works.

    2. So that the CPS can take over the prosecution and then drop it, due to 'insufficient evidence' or 'not in the public interest'? No thanks.