Monday, 21 September 2015

UK Parking Control scam happening in December 2014

A second motorist has stated they were fraudulently issued a ticket at Digilis, Worcester. The case is reported in the Worcester News.

The photographs claim the car was parked at 19:36 on December 19th 2014. However, the driver, Steve James was at work at Tesco, St Peter until 8pm and accessed CCTV to prove this. Mr James appealed but was told " the time stamps cannot be altered". POPLA also failed to uphold his appeal.

Mr James refused to pay the charge.

This is the earliest confirmed case, although there is an unconfirmed case dating back to 2011 and the earlier fraud trial of UK PC. In that trial it was reported that UK PC issued Joan Clark of Gilberdyke a ticket, wrongly claiming she had parked more than 2 hours. It is not known whether the photographs in that particular case were doctored.

Prankster Note

The number of incidents and car parks keeps increasing, as does the the time over which this fraud has been perpetrated. In order for public confidence in the car parking industry to be restored, UK PC now need to open their systems to an independent audit team so that a full investigation as to the scope of the fraud can be made.

The public then need a list of car parks, warden numbers and timescales to be published.

The public also need to know whether all these wardens independently discovered the scam, or whether information was passed between wardens - and if so, how.

Anything else smacks of a cover up.

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  1. As long as the Serious Fraud Office gets its teeth into this I don't care about UKPC making things open to scrutiny by the BPA or anyone else for that mater.
    The SFO wiil out anything that stinks.
    If I worked for UKPC I'd be looking for another job right now.


  3. How would UKPC know which tickets were issued fraudulently?

    1. They would have had a PCN number.....

    2. Haven't they all, unless i'm missing something lol

  4. At the very least every ticket issued by the sacked wardens should be refunded.

    UKPC should report all the sacked wardens to the police for fraud.

  5. or better still every ticket where a photograph was used