Wednesday, 9 September 2015

UK Parking Control warden fraud goes back to at least May 2015

[For the story so far, see here]

Following reports in the national press another motorist has come forward with evidence of fraud by UK Parking Control wardens.

Jade Beeby visited Tritton Retail Park on 19/05/15 for a celebratory breakfast at around 10am on 19th May 2015 before an exam at 1pm in Lincoln

However, UK Parking Control stated she parked at 9:34, not 10.00. The pictures show clear evidence of fraud.

The shadows have not changed between photographs, despite them being allegedly 3 hours apart. Also damning is that the three other cars in the picture have not changed.

Ms Beeby paid the £60 under duress, when UK PC refused to accept her appeal. A complaint has now been filed with the BPA.

Ms Beeby contacted UK PC today after hearing of the fraud in the news. The UK PC employee denied all knowledge of the scam and refused to refund the charge.

If the fraud has been carrying on in two car parks since May, then at a rate of 2 fraudulent tickets a day per car park this will have netted UK PC something like £50,000.

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  1. All that hassle for a 10% kickback. Was it really worth it?

    1. That's for self-ticketing, such as a residential block or small business. With a salaried warden they get nothing for the first 20 tickets, then a sliding scaled up to £5 per ticket for 50 or more tickets. This ends up as more than their wage. The temptation to issue 'a few more tickets' to bump yourself into the next bracket has apparently tipped behaviour from aggressive ticketing to fraudulent

  2. I imagine their legal eagle Matthew Brandis of BP Collins is on the case. He bailed Rupert out of the TS case up north and was behind the letters sent to Nutsville which didn't know the difference between civil and criminal law.

    He must be laughing all the way to the bank having this lot as a client.

  3. Oh and it was this lot that left their entire database, image library and electronic DVLA link open to anyone who guessed their top secret password 'test'.

  4. UKPC's Chief Exec is one Rupert Williams, of Aston Martin with personalised number plate fame. He is also a Director of another company called Smoke Screen Systems Ltd., whose registered address is at his home address according to company records in the public domain. This address is Fieldgate, 24 Meadow Lane, Beaconsfield, Bucks, HP9 1AL.

    Anyone with a dodgy UKPC ticket, or suspected dodgy ticket, should send correspondence directly there, as then at least you know the top man in the organisation is aware of the scam.

    Mind you, if as a result of all this they are forced to repay hundreds of thousands, or even millions, back to motorists, that very expensive property might need to be sold to meet the debt ...

  5. Rather than just accepting a refund of their stolen money i hope there will be interest to add, compensation for stress and time involved with the illegal actions of THEIR employee.
    Unfortunately they will probably just Pheonix.

  6. This is a good read:

    "the business – naturally encounters high numbers of disputes from disgruntled motorists"

    and "The nature of our business means that we tend to get challenged a lot on what we are doing"

    and "so we wanted to ensure that, for damage limitation, we were appropriately represented."

    and "failure to comply with national legislation can be highly expensive – not only in terms of financial costs, but also its long-term impact on brand reputation. The importance of robust legal support in such a specialist and highly scrutinised area is therefore significant. The price of failure is severe."

    UKPC can't say they weren't told!!!

    1. If you read it to the end they speak nearly every day!