Monday, 7 April 2014

Where are the offices of UKPC?

UKPC hide behind a series of PO boxes, making it difficult to know where they are actually based.

A determined motorist has now tracked them down, and The Parking Prankster can reveal that their offices are based in Beaconsfield, and their full address is:

3 Gregories Court
Gregories Road

Even with the address the building is difficult to find. 

The Prankster has therefore published an aerial photograph showing their office buildings ringed in red.

The Aston Martin of owner Rupert Williams, with personalised number plate ending RW, is often parked outside, showing that car park management is a lucrative business. Mr Williams conveniently lives about a mile away from the offices, making it easy to get to and from work.

The motorist found the offices through a combination of local knowledge and luck. The PO Box was traced to a nearby Mace Confectionery Store. From there the trail ran cold but he was lucky enough to overhear a conversation in a cafe mentioning UKPC. This led him to the offices.

The offices are staffed by 20 or so employees, mostly sat around computer screens.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. you have to wonder why any legitimate business would feel the need to hide behind PO Boxes like PPCs do

  2. Just like UKCPS who are actually housed behind a pub and not at the address on their paperwork. This came to light after a BBC "Bailiffs" programme when an ex-employee sent the "boys" round to collect some unpaid wages.

  3. A PO Box does not give any real anonymity to a firm.

    Royal Mail/The Post Office has to reveal the 'real' address to anyone who asks.

    1. I remember that some PPCs use a "sensitive address" to hide their PO Boxes. Former notorious clampers Wing Security used the address of a battered wife so RM would still not reveal the address. This made serving papers on them almost impossible.

    2. Yes, sorry forgot about 'sensitive addresses'....

      hopefully no scammer would get away with that now

  4. Less than 400m from Beaconskot model village, Enid Blyton's inspiration for Noddy and Toy Town. Something in the water?

  5. All appeals to go directly to them ?? I mean why waste time going the po box route when they appear to lose a lot of letters in this way ? ;)

  6. Excellent - I can pop in and pay them a visit sometime as it is on my way home from work - I have a nice new picture of my favourite UKPC operative straddling his car across two parking bays - AGAIN!!

  7. Let us not forget the words of a correspondent to the Tracy Kiss blog...

    "The MD of UKPC, Mr Rupert Williams, is an odious little cretin who happens to live 3 doors away from me here in Beaconsfield. He is a horrible little man, who has made millions over the years by frightening and hounding unsuspecting motorists who are unaware of the law, and bullying them into paying charges that he has no legal right to levy in the first place.

    There is no way a debt can be recovered by a debt collector, even if there was a debt in the first place, without a Court Order. He will never take you to court, as it would cost him and his company too much in the first place.

    Wherever I see Rupert’s little signs as I travel the country, I always deliberately incur a ticket, then take personal pleasure in hand delivering it back through his private letterbox, warning him that if I receive any further unsolicited communication from either him or his company again, I will consider it harassment and report him to Thames Valley Police, who take a robust approach to this.

    Strangely enough, I never do hear anything from him or his company on every occasion that I have done this. His plastic wife, Samantha, however scowls at me every time she sees me when she drives past my house in her (leased) Range Rover Sport…I just smile and wave…smile and wave….

    Bottom line is, ignore it, or if you feel compelled to reply, use my approach. Works wonders!!"

  8. UKPC have a rather unique view on data protection as well,

  9. Why does He still operate? It because He can. The law needs to change. People need to lobby their local MP and like with ACS Law, get them mentioned in Parliament. Beginning of the end. They are the new breed of wheel clampers. The law needs to change to a degree of strict regulation.

  10. Thank you, now I'm going to send another letter to them!