Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Patrick Troy promised the Government that POPLA will be free to the motorist

Just in case Patrick Troy forgot he promised the government that POPLA would be free to the motorist, here are excerpts from the letter he wrote to Norman Baker. The full letter is available at this link.
The full email series is available at this link.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. If Patrick Troy told you the time, you'd be well advised to check your watch.

    The BPA Ltd are serial liars, which is not surprising as they are the mouthpiece for an 'industry' founded on one Big Lie, namely that you can stick up notices on other people's land and expect to charge people for breaking silly made-up 'rules'.

    Fortunately, there's an easy way to tell when any BPA Ltd spokesperson is lying. Their lips are moving.

    1. There was one of them on Radio 2 yesterday. I couldn't see his lips, but did notice how he dodged the questions like any good politician.

    2. BPA are a mere puppet, forced upon the industry to have an outward face of credibility and give the impression that the government are doing something to raise the profile are the clampers fiasco.

  2. Patrick Troy also promised Government Ministers that the PoPLA Independent Scutiny Board would be set up "at the latest" by October 2013. It held its first meeting in late February 2014.

    1. The second meeting is in a couple of weeks. I am worried the board does not have enough funding to actually discharge its responsibilities and have raised this as an issue for the next meeting. There are a large number of issues outstanding, but the board members do not appear to have enough funding to actually do anything about them.

    2. Being fair (as we are fair unlike others), any government project is under funded and wrapped up in red tape. I know this having been involved and continuing to be involved in many high-profile ones. Troy Himself will be on a hiding to nothing. All the public can do is to continue to raise the profile of the negativity of parts of the industry that continue to put profit before common sense and get more regulation. If it was regulated like Police with sensible targets then there would be no clamber to issue invoices and more emphasis on detterent. Councils shouldn't be allowed to keep the proceeds of tickets either, so they are no role models, but slightly better then PPCs.

  3. Oh Dear!

    These BPA types really do have a difficulty with telling the truth.

    Not only does Mr Troy seem to tell untruths every time he speaks it seems that some other BPA officials do not even know their real name. What is it that afflicts this organisation never have so many untruths been spoken by so few.

    However this poor lady seems to have a leading role within the BPA Ltd and seems to have a reason to use different names in public, perhaps she has Alzheimers or another reason I must admit it is not clear why she might need multiple identities.

    Usually this sort of behaviour is only common to criminals or gangsters;

    I wonder why she needs to deceive in this way?

    I can only say that if this is how she wishes to operate at a business level then all she seeks to do business with should avoid doing so at all costs as she is obviously hiding something.



  4. Dissemble dissemble, oh, of course it's still free if they don't take you to court, or if you prevail against their QC.

  5. Roger

    I think the nutter woman from the link was on last weeks parking madness prog on BBC1.

  6. Surely using a fake name like that is in breech of some laws?