Saturday, 12 April 2014

Prankster in the Guardian

In this particular case the motorist did not park in ParkingEye's car park, but in adjoining property. ParkingEye's ANPR system took pictures of the vehicle entering and leaving their car park, but the system was fatally flawed because there were no cameras monitoring the huge intersection between the two properties.

This is a common occurrence in ParkingEye car parks and the Prankster has reported on several such cases in the part.

It appears the the installation and monitoring teams ParkingEye use, lack the competence to install systems only in car parks where it is appropriate, and to make sure the integrity of the car park boundaries is maintained.

A large number of ParkingEye victims are elderly, disabled or vulnerable and The Prankster has helped with many such cases. ParkingEye presumably view vulnerable people as a pushover. Here is an extract from one case ParkingEye won in 2013.
Mr X has written to the court fairly recently. He says that he will be unable to
attend today as he has just returned from hospital and is using oxygen at home and
he is not able to travel.
ParkingEye sent a lawyer in to court against Mr X. It is clear the sole reason this was done is not to recover the parking charge but to use this transcript to intimidate and bully other vulnerable people. Even though ParkingEye won the case they will be around £400-£500 out of pocket after paying for the lawyer and the transcript.

However, in today's case it looks like ParkingEye have bitten off more than they can chew with a formidable opponent in the shape of Mrs Rodgers.

The Prankster wishes her the best of luck and suggests that she gets in touch with the landowners of the car park, who will no doubt be appalled by ParkingEye's behaviour.

In the Guardian article ParkingEye are quoted as saying 'ParkingEye wins the majority of legal actions it brings against motorists who breach the terms and conditions of a car park.' Back in September 2013 ParkingEye were fond of saying 'ParkingEye win over 90% of court case's. By January 2014 this had changed to 'ParkingEye win over 85% of court cases.' No doubt soon they will be reduced to bragging 'ParkingEye win quite a lot of court cases.'

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    1. Apologies, let me re phrase that. If the total of wins, last year, was 90%, and the total wins is now "a majority," (which suggests it's around 50%), then they are now losing the majority of cases. Don't ya just love statistics.

  2. "Rodgers was advised by a friend with a legal background that if she did nothing, then no further action was likely to be taken." Ouch....