Friday, 4 April 2014

ANPR Ltd fail to turn up

It was reported on pepipoo that ANPR Ltd failed to turn up in court for a long-awaited hearing.

ANPR Ltd first filed a template court claim in August 2013 which is against court protocol and the motorist reported them to the court.

Later on they filed real court papers in October 2013, causing much interest amongst pepipoo regulars.

Although ANPR Ltd then continued to move the court process along, when it came to the final step, actually appearing in court, they were found wanting.

It is not known why they failed to appear. They may have just forgotten, or they may have taken advice from Excel Parking on court procedures, sorted their spreadsheets incorrectly, and turned up on the wrong day.

More likely though is that their recent split from H&S Litigation caused the no-show. H&S Litigation have posted a message on their web site saying they no longer act for ANPR Ltd. It may be then, that no one was available for the court appearance, that H&S Litigation had not communicated the dates to ANPR Ltd or some other confusion had occurred in the hand-back of cases.

Please note that  we no longer represent ANPR Ltd of Preston as of 16th March 2014. Any issues regarding tickets should be directed to ANPR Ltd., Box one, Preston PR2 0NF or  01772 882 999.

The Prankster speculates that H&S Litigation have been so successful, despite their innovative approach to grammar and spelling on their web site, that another parking company has made them an offer they cannot refuse.

The legal qualifications H&S Litigation boast of are quite impressive, comprising 150 years of car park management, and full knowledge of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, Schedule 4. Motorists were no doubt quaking in their shoes all around the country at the prospect of having to face such experience.

The Prankster will keep any eye on the situation to see who has acquired their services.

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  1. "Our memebers will do everthing untill damges have been paid, except when appelernts rite a robust a peel like what the Pranksta duz. We are prafeshunall."

    I had a bit of a job getting that crap past spellcheck.