Friday, 4 April 2014

Parking company starts service to cancel tickets from other parking companies

[Important notice. This has nothing to do with the already running rival service hosted (but not operated) by ParkingCowboys which can be found here]

A parking operator has announced a fixed fee service to cancel parking charges from other operators.

The website, is still under development, although the service was scheduled for launch this weekend.

Recognising that most parking charges are invalid the operator has broken ranks and decided to cash in.

The Parking Prankster saw a short-lived thread on MoneySavingExpert advertising this new service, with some posters for and some against. The Prankster will throw his hat into the ring and side with the parking operator. He hopes many more operators will join in and offer similar services.

This will have the effect of driving down parking charges until they are valid, at which point the operators will cotton on to the fact they cannot run a business on monies from pre-estimate of loss and will have to charge a management fee to the landowner. This will then remove the incentive to issue absurd tickets and everyone will be happy.

The Prankster hopes that the British Parking Association Ltd will align themselves fully behind this enterprising new scheme which will help drive up standards in the parking industry and will provide a cheap service for those people too busy to appeal themselves.

The Prankster already thinks he knows the winner of the British Parking Association Ltd 2015 Innovation in Parking Award.

Except Capita who forked out £57.5 million without doing their homework.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. The Parking operator is CPS East anglia, Mr Andre Smith .
    A wolf in sheeps clothing perhaps?

  2. umm I think you are totally wrong? , vit is being run by two trusted forum members at pepipoo/MSE

    1. A different appeals service is being run by the forum members

  3. I strongly disagree with you on this! How the hell can this be run by a parking company and be impartial ? What is being offered by this scumbag is nothing to do with the well being of motorists wronged, it's about a money making scam! The other one running with the forum posters has the ethos and the standing to do this properly.


  5. The idea and principles behind PETAS were originally conceived over a year ago by myself and a PPC operator. It was never my intention to have any further involvement other than in an unpaid advisory capacity and I saw a paid for service as merely another tool in raising the percentage of appeals and complaints to help force change. However, after seeing a number of responses today, being mostly hostile, suspicious and negative; I have decided to take a more hands on approach and work in partnership with the PPC operator to ensure that PETAS provides a cheap, safe, secure and reliable service for those motorists who (for whatever reason) simply haven't got the time or energy to deal with a private parking ticket themselves.

  6. So the fact that people are concerned that the is a conflict of interest going on here with a parking company makes it hostile? You are on one side of the fence or you are not. One cant see the Parking operator lasting within the BPA now the cat is amongst the pigeons. You don't change from not doing anything to getting involved with a parking operator because people opposed. That simply does not wash Someone like you had a previously very good name amongst parking campaigners.

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  8. I'll rewrite what I put up because I got my PPCs mixed up!

    But I'm still of the opinion that this being set up by you Nev is quite shocking, sorry but we don't need or want multiple appeal services, especially ones fun directly through the parking companies! This is a conflict of interest and can't be right!

    How can such a service even be impartial? Is this registered with ICO ? I will never endorse anything that is run by liars and the scam industry, the only thing that will be sufficient is liquidation of the entire industry as it stands right now! Nothing less will do!

    1. This isn't an appeals service, in the sense that POPLA is an appeals service. It is a service to do the appeal for you, for a fixed fee, and taking on liability for the ticket. They write to the PPC on your behalf, appealing the ticket, then if the PPC reject the appeal, they write to POPLA/IAS on your behalf. You can of course do this yourself. This service is for people who cannot be arsed, and who don't mind forking out for the privilege. If the PPCs have their brains engaged, then they will cancel as soon as they get the first letter. If not, they can fork out £27 for the privilege of having POPLA cancel it for them.

  9. Heh heh

    It was Jacques Mallet du Pan who said of the French Revolution the "Revolution devours its children".

    It seems the PoFA "revolution" has now brought forward the hungry in PPC land who will eat their bretheren without qualm.

    Doesn't exactly feel to be honest or clean though,



  10. I'd gladly pay sixteen quid, to firstly, reduce the amount of time and effort involved in taking these people on, and secondly to help bring down this industry which prays on the vulnerable.

    It's almost worth getting a ticket for !

    Paying any money to the parking industry though, goes against the grain. I'm wondering if people are getting confused between "PETAS" and the admirable efforts of "Parking Appeals?" They seem to be different entities.

  11. Petas = parking company
    Parking appeals = independent

    1. A nasty taint in the mouth, but can respect Prankies visionary approach.

  12. Capita didn't do their homework as the PP says. At the time of the takeover Capita said in their press release:

    "Based in Chorley, Lancashire, ParkingEye has around 160 employees, managing more than 830 car parks across the UK."

    PE's accounts for the year ending August 31 2013 state they manage in excess of 750 car parks for 169 customers.

    The press release by Capita also says:

    “ParkingEye is forecasting an operating profit of £8.1 million on turnover of £25.8 million in its financial year to 31 August 2014.”

    But PE's accounts for the year ended 31 August show a profit of £1.02M a fall from 2012's £3.29M. The turnover for 2013 was £14,2M a slight increase from 2012's £13.9M

    The forecast for 2014 in the press release of a profit £8.1M with a turnover of £25.8M, given it appears by PE, and which may have been relevant to the price Capita paid for PE i.e. £57.5M is probably deserving of a major prize for fiction. The words pig in a poke come to mind. But miracles do happen!!!

    1. Think you have placed this in the wrong blog

  13. what ever anyone thinks of this it is getting people discussing which is key to beating the PPC's, the more people who know how to beat PPC's (paid service or not) the better, can only do good for now. However I doubt the BPA Ltd or other will sit back and do nothing.

  14. Well the first day of this appeals service has been a huge success, the website has been taken down! Care to comment Nev as you are involved in this?

  15. Nev,

    Thank you for the email, but I would appreciate it if you keep your opinions in the public domain, I will not respond to that email or it's contents. But if you wish to discuss it further please do it here as Prankster has this blog in the public domain. It's only fair that any discussion of this issue should be here.