Wednesday, 9 April 2014

ParkingEye settle for £20

The Parking Prankster has received the following email, which needs no further comment.

ParkingEye finally saw sense and made me the offer I wanted and am happy with; a more reasonable £20, which is a considerable reduction from the £160 they were demanding.

I have settled this because quite frankly I want to concentrate on more important matters, like job hunting and more personal issues.  These things hanging over one are emotionally very draining!! Yes I might have won in court, but I have persevered and followed the advice given, so I can look forward to being relieved of the stress and time consuming litigation from bullies like this.
I see this as a Victory for the Parking Prankster, MoneySavingExpert and Pepipoo forums and would like to thank you SO much for all your help and guidance.  I have a special thanks for Parking Prankster; I have no doubts at all that without his help, I would have been tied up in knots!!.

Advice: PERSEVERE and follow the advice given.  PARKING PRANKSTER RULES!!!!

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. It appears that ParkinEye's faith in the law of averages has waned ever so slightly. Still, they are around £200 better off and have found a way of stifling the Prankster's transcript supply so happy faces all around.

  2. They would have wasted more in time, effort, stationary and postage (not forgetting the £6 to DVLA) then £20. It's a victory all right, although, no doubt, PE will claim it as a win in their figures.

    1. Court filing fee £15, DVLA £2.50 postage £2.50.

      ...doesnt leave much in the way of profit.

    2. And not forgetting the £50 fee paid to the Solicitor. Unless, of course, that was not, by agreement, going to be specifically paid to the Solicitor - which would raise the issue of the Solicitor signing a Court document, knowing it to be a false statement.

    3. Has anyone had any success with the £50 solicitor fee thing ?

  3. Keep attacking!

    Every challenge made, every retailer cancelled ticket, every POPLA appeal, every court case (win or lose) costs PE money.

    It a numbers game there is a point at which diminishing money will lead to a re-appraisal of their business methods.



  4. I guess if your letter to them says either accept the offer (£20ish) or give me a POPLA code, what choice do they have? The POPLA code is going to cost them more than your offer, and would they really win? Still, I'd never offer myself.

  5. There are two issues here: (1) the poor individual who has a life and doesn't need/want a court appearance; (2) the need for an expanding library of court case transcripts which little-by-little dig the ground from beneath PE and all of their fellow PPCs. Mr. Prankster's role in all of this will have been crucial when the day finally comes!

  6. The sad fact is that even £20 is still too high to be a genuine pre-estimate of loss