Monday, 7 April 2014

ParkingEye terminated from Northumbria Healthcare NHS

'Nuff said!

The official press release is here

Happy Parking

The parking Prankster


  1. Surely not "terminated" but "to be terminated"? No mention of effective date,

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    I would say a resounding YES :)

  3. 'Reached an agreement' paid off again - with NHS money?

    FOI time.

    1. They had an agreed termination period. May not have invoked it though so a FOi is a good idea.

  4. What value for money the buy-out from Capita now?
    It was the biggest con trick of all and far worse than the cons they pull in their everyday operational activities.

    Methinks the shareholders should be demanding some sort of recompense and if the 2nd payment hasn't been made yet then it should be withheld.

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  6. I've made an FOI request asking if compo paid to Parking Eye....will update result here when I get it

  7. Fantastic news for those vulnerable patients and carers, and those fantastic NHS staff who care for them. My only hope is that scarce resources (aka patient's money), hasn't been used to escape the contract. I'd be interested in the results of the FOI request. Who commissioned them in the first place ?

  8. No money has been paid to PE for this termination. A standard three month cancellation clause was in the contract. The only cost to the trust is in the provision of the new system which includes barriers etc. The trust felt that the cost of adverse publicity and reputation along with the time and effort being expended on parking issues by staff outweighed these costs.