Monday, 21 April 2014

Patrick Troy caught lying to the BBC

For the BBC news article on parking, see here.

In a recent BBC article, Patrick Troy, the head of the British Parking Association Limited was reported as saying that the appeals service POPLA is free. However The Parking Prankster can reveal that parking companies have started passing the £27 POPLA fee to motorists. The BPA Ltd are well aware of this practice, but have decided not to stop the operators charging and are not intending on taking any action against operators who charge.

ParkingEye have already enforced the £27 charge against several motorists and are taking court action to reclaim the £27 in other cases.

In one incident, the refused to cancel a charge against a motorist who fell on Snowdon and injured himself unless he paid the £27 POPLA fee to them.

This casts grave doubts on other statements given by Patrick Troy to the BBC.
"BPA chief executive Patrick Troy says private car parking companies are considerate."
Charging an injured motorist is hardly considerate. The Prankster has a whole catalogue of similar incidents he has helped with including other medical emergencies, pensioners, disabled motorists, motorists pursued even though letters never arrived and companies using extremely bulling and aggressive practices.

The British Parking Association Ltd has been informed of deliberate misinformation sent out by parking companies, but has decided not to take action as lying to the public is not a breach of the code of practice. ParkingEye regularly inform motorists they have never lost a court case on the issue that their charge is not a genuine pre-estimate of loss, even though they know this is false and that many such cases have been lost. The BPA Ltd are happy for ParkingEye, one of their biggest operators, to continue telling these untruths and have stated they will not be taking action.

The BPA Ltd obviously has a relaxed attitude to telling the truth; it seems as though this is a problem from the top down. The BPA Ltd are equal opportunity liars, happy to feed misinformation to the public, the BBC and also the government without discrimination. When lobbing the government to introduce the Protection of Freedoms Act Schedule 4, the BPA Ltd fed the government a whole stream of misinformation regarding the burden on the courts. Ironically since the introduction of PoFA 2012 the amount of court action has increased to around the value the BPA Ltd pretended it was before the act.

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  1. Partick Troy promised ministers that the "Independent Appeals Service" board would be set up at latest "one year" after the IAS, having got an extension in the first place. Of course it was another 4 months after the one year deadline that Patrick Troy delivered the promised board.

  2. The British Parking Association - by liars, for liars.

  3. I think you will find that the government made it a condition that before granting any ATA permission to operate and to access the DVLA database under the PoFA 2012, it had to establish a properly "independent" appeals service that was entirely free to the motorist.

    So by giving tacit authority to its members to pass on the cost of Popla to the motorist, the BPA Ltd, and by association Mr Pat Trickus Troy (as we in the slave army prefer to call him) have also lied to government.


    Someone call out the fire brigade!

    Tell them to attend the BPA Ltd's offices where there has been an outbreak of small bush fires in the upper trouser regions of its senior staff!

  4. I'm frankly surprised that it's taken them this long to try it. Quoth Ayn Rand, "The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me."

    Hopefully the courts will call foul on it, but if they only quash the POPLA fee, then the speculative invoicers have literally nothing to lose by applying it.

    1. The whole business model of PoPLA and PPC is built on sand. Any legitimate not-for-profit central government organisation would have back-tracked months ago. The fact is that the industry is for profit at all costs and not about deterrent or preventing tresspass.