Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Fax machine 2 ParkingEye 0

3JD09864 ParkingEye v Greenhall (04/04/2014 Dudley) DJ Loyns dismissed the claim in 5 minutes (following the earlier case) as the claimant had no standing to bring the case.
Following on from the earlier report where ParkingEye lost to a fax machine, there were apparently two ParkingEye cases held in that court on that day.

The second case lasted all of 5 minutes. The judge immediately requested a copy of the contract between landowner and ParkingEye. After careful scrutiny he stated that he did not believe ParkingEye had authority to bring the case as there is nothing in the contract which says they had permission to bring legal action for their own loss, and the claim was for the landowner's loss, not ParkingEye's.

After a few minutes of the ParkingEye representative trying to convince the judge they had permission, the judge had enough and dismissed the claim.

The fax machine was apparently quietly satisfied with the outcome.

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  1. Excellent, the fax machine is making a very useful revival