Wednesday, 2 April 2014

ParkingEye cash in on bad weather

The moneygrabbers at ParkingEye were rubbing their hands gleefully during the recent spate of bad weather. Cancellations and delays meant more money in their pockets, as this example from the Blackpool Gazette shows.

I parked my car on the Church Street/Caunce Street car park on the morning of February 12 to go from Blackpool North for a day return to Manchester.

On that day the whole country suffered the worst storm for many years, the BBC describing it as of ‘unprecedented wind force’.

The storm caused my train to be stopped at Preston and I had to find my own way home to Blackpool resulting in me being 24 minutes over the 12 hours I’d paid for.

The motorist appealed to ParkingEye but they dismissed his claim and warned him they would get a court judgment to seize any goods he owned.

Cleverly, ParkingEye managed to give the impression in their rejection letter that appeals to POPLA were rarely successful and only added to the costs and stress. Those in the know, of course, recognise this as bluff and bluster. ParkingEye lose all correctly worded appeals, and have even given up submitting evidence packs to POPLA.

Sadly the motorist seems to have been suckered by ParkingEye's blizzard of words. What a pity he did not do a bit of Google research and save himself a lot of money.

The flint-hearts at ParkingEye will be chuckling over their cauldrons at the extra revenue rolling in due to the poor weather recently.

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  1. It seems to be all about the law, rather than common sense (mitigating circumstances.) Having said all that, the law seems to be making sensible decisions :-)

  2. I had a POPLA appeal upheld in the Church Street/Caunce Street a while ago, Parking Eye didn't even bother to put in one of their oft-fabricated 'Witness Statements' saying they had right to enforce charges. Aside from that, the signage there is woefully inadequate - there isn't even an entry sign saying it is a pay and display car park. There are so many grounds to appeal here it's such a shame Parking Eye's scare tactics worked on this occasion.