Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April Fool

Here is the news summary.

The DVLA has decided to give way taxpayer information to third parties. The DVLA has decided not to verify the integrity of these requests itself, but to rely on a third party which is financially dependent on the companies it is supposed to be policing.

When informed about suspected irregularities, the DVLA has decided to wait for up to a year for requests for information to parking companies.

The DVLA has decided it is acceptable to state that it makes no profit from parking companies when in fact it uses that money to fund large numbers of other activities.

ParkingEye has decided it is acceptable to start large numbers of court claims without sending a compliant letter before action, or in some cases without sending a letter before action at all.

ParkingEye has decided it is acceptable practice to use witness statements stating that the witness agrees a parking charge was issued correctly without giving the witness any information about the parking charge itself, such as the parking charge notice. To save time, ParkingEye has decided it is acceptable for the witness to pre-sign an undated witness statement and send it to ParkingEye so that ParkingEye can photocopy and date it as many times as they want without having to bother the witness again.

Proserve has decided that the government got it wrong when drafting the Protection of Freedom Act, Schedule 4, and that the strict timescales mentioned are in fact, only guidelines.

The DVLA has decided that it is fine to give keeper information to parking companies who are not members of accredited trade associations as long as the parking company tells the DVLA they are not a parking company.

POPLA has decided is is fine to believe witness statements from parking companies with a long history of telling lies, while not believing witness statements or accounts from motorists.

POPLA has decided that parking companies can have as many goes as they want at coming up with an explanation of pre-estimate of loss, and that they won't go back in their records to check if the company is pulling the wool over their eyes with a large series of different explanations.

Burton Hospital has decided it is fine to implement a parking system designed to generate as many parking charges as possible, when it is perfectly possible for the same technology to be used in a way which would inform motorists how much they need to pay and would prevent entry of incorrect registration numbers, thus reducing charges almost to zero.

Excel Parking has decided to make large amounts of money from motorists when its machines are out of order, and also when registration numbers are incorrectly entered even though the technology exists to prevent this.

Nick Lester believes that the NoToMob are child-killers, and that the use of hidden camera will save more lives than spending the money to fund the physical presence of multiple traffic wardens.

Nick Lester believes that taxpayer's money is wasted by people who find evidence of wrong-doing, rather than the taxpayer employees who actually do the wrong doing.

Who is the April Fool?

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

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