Monday, 17 October 2016

POPLA dispute resolved

Parking Review has revealed that the dispute between London Councils and the British Parking Association has been settled for £25,000, rather than the £69,275 claimed.

This will be a disappointing result for London taxpayers, who now have to foot the bill for the extra £40k, subsidising motorists around the country.

They may well question Nick Lester's role in this, and whether there was a conflict of interest. Nick Lester worked for London Councils when the contract was arranged, and received an award for parking services, which The Prankster considers should be renamed the Nick Lester award for being Nick Lester.

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  1. London Council Taxpayers are subsidising the BPA Ltd and its members, who are preying on motorists.

    Of course Nick Lester will claim that he was not responsible for setting up the London Councils PoPLA contract with the BPA Ltd, of which he was a Council member.