Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Link Parking - you've been Gladstoned. Frustration of contract

Port Talbot: 19-10-2016: C8GF30W7: Link Parking v Mr H

There was no time to hear this claim, which was adjourned. Link Parking will have paid their representative Mr Singh an estimated £200 to turn up and twiddle his thumbs.

Port Talbot: 19-10-2016: C1GF37H7: Link Parking v Mr N

Mr N represented himself. Link Parking sent a second representative for this case. In a hearing which lasted around 30 minutes, Mr N explained that he attempted to pay but the machines were not working. Gladstones Solicitors argued he should therefore have left the car park.

The judge was also critical that Gladstones only supplied the court with Link Parking's witness statement and not Mr N.  In any case, the witness statement was self contradictory and not helpful to the claim, even stating that the parking event happened in a different month to that of the photographic evidence.

The judge ruled that frustration of contract applied and that Mr N had attempted to fulfil his contractual obligations but could not because of the broken machine. The claim was dismissed.

Prankster Note

Another day, another farcical witness statement prepared by joke solicitors Gladstones.

The Prankster considers the judge is correct. Allowing a charge in this situation encourages parking companies to operate with broken machinery as often as they can. This would be detrimental to the landowner, who would receive no income from parking fees, while the immoral parking company cashes in by issuing charges galore.

If you are in the Cardiff or Port Talbot area and are being taken to court by Link there is a Facebook support group which can assist you. Search for Link Parking @Court. You will require proof of a court claim to join this group.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. Hi Prankster, unfortunately I'm not on Facebook, but in the area and have a multitude of cases against Link Parking via Gladstones Solicitors. Is there any other way of gathering information regard their matters? Thanks!


    Should help you out :)

    1. I've just had my day in court with Link Parking. Win for me. Yet again they issue tickets without the correct signage in place and don't turn up to defend the case. Happy days!

    2. Excellent. Can you email me the case number court and any other details and I will blog

  3. Thanks for all your sterling work on these parking cowboys, Parking Prankster. But I can't seem to find this on Facebook groups: Link Parking @Court . Am I missing something?

  4. Thank you so much for your sterling work regarding these parking cowboys, Parking Prankster. But I can't seem to find this group on Facebook. Am I missing something in the search box? >>> Link Parking @Court <<<

    1. Try

  5. Thank you, PP. Just spotted this and clicked to join them. I have to have my defence in by Monday before 4pm. Time is short.