Wednesday, 5 October 2016

ParkingEye scammers caught out by canny motorist using dashcam

Long-time scammers ParkingEye have been caught out trying to charge a motorist for a 5 hour stay when in fact they made 3 visits to the car park in question.

ParkingEye use ANPR cameras to monitor car parks and this technology has proved time and again to be unreliable and issue charges when no contravention occurs. The Government has wisely banned Councils from the general use of ANPR, but has not yet extended the ban to private parking companies.

The notomob keep a record of ANPR fails.

It can therefore be said with some certainty that parking companies are well aware that their ANPR is flawed, and that they therefore knowing scam large numbers of motorists a year by issuing invoices which they have failed in their duty of care to check are valid.

Luckily the motorist in question uses a dashcam. ParkingEye claim the vehicle was parked at ASDA from 14:22 to 19:28. However the dashcam proves the vehicle was outside their home at
19:25, which was just before they set off for ASDA for the third time.

This article from Parking Trend International magazine (2008) explains that ANPR is 90% to 94% accurate in ideal conditions and may fall to 60%-80% with older systems.

The Prankster considers it is time that either parking companies got their act in order, or the government ban the use of flawed ANPR system for control of private parking.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster.


  1. Surely, the best approach in this type of case is to file a counterclaim for, say, £300 claiming distress caused by misuse of personal data under the Data Protection Act. The parking company won't then be able to discontinue proceedings at the last minute.

    Of course, this will cost you a £25 Court Fee and you will have to plead your case in court, but if you are up for it then do it!


  3. why did they need to go to asda three times?
    admittedly, they should not have got a parking ticket, but the environmental issues of 3 trips?

    1. Struggling very hard to see the relevance . . . . . .

    2. What's the number of visits got to do with the price of eggs? This was local to me and from what i know I believe the person had good reason to make separate visits. In fact I have gone into that car park more than once in a day before. It's not illegal to forget to buy anything on a first visit and go back, or to hand in a prescription then go back later because the item was out of stock, or even to go get fuel at the beginning of the day and then need to top up later. Even to drop someone off at work in the morning and collect them later that day. All examples, not based on any actual event.