Saturday, 29 October 2016

Park With Ease bail the day before court hearing

This claim concerns an alleged 6 minute overstay in White Moss car park next to Rydal Water in the Lake District. Park With Ease filed a court claim through Gladstones Solicitors.

A few days before the Gladstones started calling and emailing to try and get the motorist to make a settlement, which they kept reducing. Eventually they sent a last minute discontinuance notice the day before the hearing.

Prankster Note

Gladstones do not usually bail out, even if their case is fatally flawed, because this means they lose out on the chance to gouge their customers for more legal fees.

The Prankster therefore suspects that no advocates from LPC Law were available on the day to represent them in Lancaster.

It is worth noting that if Gladstones call and email you before a hearing with reduced offers to settle, it is likely they will be in the same boat. You should therefore consider this before accepting any offer.

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  3. I hope that the defendant will be applying to the court for a wasted costs order.
    A reasonable claim would be for 4 to 5 hours @ £19.00 / hour and another £20 for phone, paper, printer ink, postage etc.
    Good info. On consumer wiki and a draft order for the court.

  4. Which carpark was it relating to? I'm in Lancaster, curious to know