Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Whistl suspends service. NTKs may arrive late

The BBC reports that Mail delivery service Whistl has suspended deliveries.

Several parking companies, possibly including ParkingEye, are believed to use Whistl. This could therefore affect delivery of a large number of Notice to Keeper's, which might now fail to arrive in the correct timescale, if at all.

Motorists are therefore advised to keep the envelope their NTK was delivered in, together with a record of the day it was delivered. If they are lucky enough to catch the postman, they can also attempt to get them to witness the delivery date.

This would apply primarily to parking events from around 56 days ago up to the present date.

If day 1 is the day after the parking event, then an NTK issued via ANPR should arrive on or before day 14. An NTK issued following a windscreen tickets should arrive between days 28 and 56. Ifthey do not, keeper liability does not apply.

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  1. I'm not sure how much this will affect matters, the service Whistl has suspended is it's trial E2E (End to End) service which was mainly in the manchester area I believe. They were trying to find funding to roll it out UK wide, but don't seem to have managed to do so. I would imagine that in the rest of the UK, the mail is being passed on to the Royal Mail as normal.

  2. More info;

    "Asked if the suspension of its door-to-door service in London, Manchester and Liverpool was a shock, Mr Brigantes said: "It was a bolt out of the blue... We couldn't see how the business could have failed."

    Whistl, formerly known as TNT post, is to begin consultations with employees - many of whom are on zero-hours contracts - affected by the suspension.

    The firm said it would continue to provide a service but Royal Mail would deliver the "final mile"."