Friday, 29 May 2015

Is it PCM-UK who 'make up stuff all the time'? Watchdog exposes the deceitful appeals practices of one parking company!

Watchdog sent secret cameras into a Parking company top expose their dodgy practices. Their staff were heard to say 'we make up stuff all the time'.

But who were the parking company? The Prankster believes it was PCM-UK for the following reasons, all found around 40 minutes into the program.

1) What is this computer screen showing? Does anyone recognise this page?

2) The red stamp reads 'IMPORTANT PARKING INFORMATION ENCLOSED'. Have you received a stamp like this, on an envelope this size, from PCM-UK?

3) The green notice board reads Chobham Manor. Do you know who enforces parking there?

4) The picture in the top right looks suspiciously like a copy of PCM-UK's signage. For reference, here is what a typical sign looks like.

5) The staff refer to the height of the signage above ground. Although other operators also use high signage, PCM-UK are characterised by their habit of placing their signs very high up. As they have very small writing it is a common complaint that they are unreadable. Note the distortion which shows up in picture of the sign above - the photo was taken from below the sign which causes this.

6) PCM-UK was featured in the Watchdog program for ticketing a motorist when they parked in the bay allocated to shop customers, even though they were a shop customer.

7) The manager talked about court cases costing between £200 and £1000. PCM-UK do occasionally go to court, filing something under 5 cases in 2014.

So was this PCM-UK or another car parking company? If you have any more information please contact The Prankster

Of the other two parking companies featured in watchdog, one was ParkingEye and the other was managing Lusty Glaze in Cornwall, so was presumably one of the Cornish companies, such as Armtrac, who are notorious for issuing charges when the ticket falls to the floor.

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  1. It's so refreshing to see that the IPC find in favour of "mitigating circumstances" in such a high proportion of appeals.

    Ooops! Sorry! That should read ". . . of *successful* appeals." A high proportion of zero is . . er . . help me out here!

  2. Been informed that the first picture is of the royal mail web site

  3. The sign is for info regarding the "Eye wash" station, which is empty.(Naughty of them)