Sunday, 17 May 2015

Preston City Council stick fingers in ears. La la la la la

It appears that Preston City Council are unwilling to accept the fact that ANPR Ltd have not been a member of an ATA since 1 April 2015, as this freedom of information request demonstrates.

It is not clear if ANPR Ltd can provide an effective service to Preston Council if they are unable to request keeper details from the DVLA - only members of an ATA can request details for car parking purposes.

Possibly Trevor Whitehouse is relying on the fact that the DVLA's security checks are about as useful as a using a colander as a bucket. For instance Ace Security Services have no difficulty in getting keeper details even though they are not in any ATA.

The other possibly is that the 'contigency plan' has been activated.

If anyone has received a Notice to Keeper from ANPR Ltd for a parking event dated after 1 April 2015, The Prankster would be very interested in receiving details.

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  1. the "contingency plan" is to obtain info by using form v888 in a written application. and by doing so , lie to the DVLA that it is their own land that they are accusing people of trespassing on.

    3 tickets are known since 1st april , all relating to trespass , 2 are being ignored ,in the third case however "Mr Gullible" (our stooge) is following our advice and has appealed , in order to pursue them at a later point , upon receipt of later letters for the other two , after obtaining info from the DVLA , questions will be asked.

  2. Is telling porkies on a FOI request a bad bad thing?

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  4. speaks highly of the council , especially as they are in fact BPA members , and should have read the BPAs monthly magazine , which included a large article explaining the sanction points ANPR that were given , and there immediate removal from the BPA ATA scheme.

  5. ace securities now featuring on MSE ,