Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Have Co-op cut a deal with Civil Enforcement Limited?

[Update. The Co-op have responded to this blog article here]

A number of motorists have contacted The Prankster saying that CEL have been in touch with a copy of a letter from the Co-op.

The letter is signed on behalf of Chris Jones from the Co-op and states CEL have the authority to issue parking charges.

The Prankster last met Mr Jones in Bristol, where he was present for a directions hearing.

CEL/DEAL had filed cases against 50 or more Co-op employees and two cases were selected as test cases, stayed until after ParkingEye v Beavis. The cases were Civil Enforcement Limited v Curtis A93YM708, and DEAL v Colclough A79YP365. 

The Prankster cannot therefore think of any reason Mr Jones would write such a letter...unless the Co-op have cut a deal with CEL, and have provided them with this letter in exchange for dropping all claims against Co-op employees. 

If there was another reason, then The Prankster invites the Co-op to put the record straight. Otherwise, it appears the Co-op may have thrown their customers to the wolves.

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  1. and was there any outcome on the linked case , or is it still on hold due to Bevis ,?

  2. Actually now that i'm awake, it doesn't refute customer services contention that the assignment was not with the full knowledge of the Co-op. It merely states there was a contract for parking with Creative.

  3. It looks to me like a carefully worded letter to get DEAL off their back. It is not in any way ambiguous and specifically does not address the issue of debt assignment or litigation. A decent judge seeing that letter would recognise it for what it is - in response to queries about the legal position it is a tacit denial that any debt assignment or legal delegation exists.

  4. I'd call that paper aeroplane material at best. The only thing that would confirm CEL as having authority would be a contract between Co-op and CEL which pre-dates the parking event.

    Also, it's nice that Ashley Cohen is no longer cornering the entire UK job market.

  5. are the two test cases (coop staff v CSL/DEAL) still active?

    A93YM708 and A79YP365 , they were adjourned until the bevis COA , but no word since?