Friday, 29 May 2015

ANPR Ltd lost contract with Preston Council

The following email has been forwarded to The Prankster from a concerned motorist.
Good morning Mr X,
Following on from our meeting yesterday , a decision has been taken to terminate our contract with ANPR Ltd. The Company has been served with notice in accordance with the contractual requirements and instructed not to undertake any further parking management on behalf of the Council.
Kind regards
This will not affect previous charges - The Prankster understands that ANPR Ltd have started court action in regard to some of these. However, as the charges are for trespass, it is not apparent to The Prankster why ANPR Ltd have the standing to bring the case, or why the loss to the landowner is £100.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. I enjoyed the fight ,

    park happily in preston now


  2. ...... presumably until they appoint a replacement PPC? Possibly one located in very close proximity to Preston?

  3. not worth setting cameras up , plungington rd has 3 entry/exits no power or lights , new hall lane , no power or lighting , etc etc , , needs to be a man and a van .not viable for PE , I expect UKPC myself

  4. May have to visit The Cherry Tree Centre in Wallasey and have a chat with the management there.
    Pranky, with regards to the cases that Trev is taking to court are these from post BPA membership or from prior tickets?

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