Friday, 8 May 2015

Barry Beavis chooses John de Waal QC. POPLA position on the appeal to the Supreme Court

Barry Beavis has chosen John deWaal QC to represent him in the Supreme Court.

Mr de Waal previously wrote an insightful analysis of the case.

POPLA stayed cases while the Court of Appeal result was awaited. Their current position is that they will not stay cases again until the appeal to the Supreme Court is filed, and they will then reconsider their position. The Lead Adjudicator issued this statement.

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  1. It'll certainly be interesting to see what a QC can do who's not (metaphorically) phoning it in. The extant appeal was sadly and badly botched.

  2. It will only be a few more days before the appeal notice will have to be lodged with the Supreme Court so afterwards POPLA will surely have to stay all ongoing appeals until this is determined?

  3. Hope this is of some use to the QC.