Thursday, 21 May 2015

ANPR Ltd get keeper details using Credit Services Association backdoor

It seems there is not longer a need for parking companies to spend large amounts of money joining either the British Parking Association (BPA) or the Independent Parking Committee (IPC)


Parking companies can use the Credit Services Association as a convenient back door into the DVLA database, which means they are not troubled by bothersome requirements to provide an independent appeals service, keep their fees at a set level, or abide by a code of practice.

This thread on MSE confirms that an FoI to Preston Council came back with the response:

Further to your earlier email correspondence with my colleague Ms. Parmenter, I can advise you that ANPR Ltd have supplied a copy of their membership of The Credit Services association which is an ATA registered with DVLA.
ANPR Ltd joined the CSA on 1 April 2015, which co-incidentally was the date they left the BPA. It appears this was the 'contingency plan' hinted at on their news page.

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  1. A seemingly obvious point, but one which has been the subject of several legal battles, is the fact that only a person in possession of the land is able to bring a claim for trespass. Therefore, if you merely have a licence to occupy the property you cannot bring a claim for trespass.


    : If you invite somebody onto your land then you have given them an implied licence and they are not therefore a trespasser.

  2. It is not just the CSA;

    We have approved the following ATAs:
     The British Parking Association (BPA)
    Information about the BPA’s Approved Operators Scheme can be found on
    their website at
     Independent Parking Committee (IPC)
     The Association of British Investigators (ABI)
     The Finance and Leasing Association (FLA)
     British Oil Security Syndicate (BOSS)
     Consumer Credit Trade Association (CCTA)
     Credit Services Association (CSA)

  3. however in the case of PARKING ATAs there are only 2 , and people obtaining info must offer a resolution service

    may I quote

    "Additional measures for car parking companies
    Membership of an ATA has been a pre-requisite for all unregulated organisations
    who have an electronic link since October 2007. In response a consultation the
    requirement for ATA membership was extended, in November 2009, to include car
    parking management companies who request information via the paper base route.
    It ensures that all car parking management operate to same recognised standards.
    Membership of an ATA ensures that those who get access to data are legitimate
    companies that operate within a code of practice. The code of practice promotes fair
    treatment of the motorist and ensures that there is a clear set of standards for
    operators covering, among other things, signage, appeals processes, and methods
    of contacting drivers.
    DVLA has procedures in place to enable those dealing with requests to check
    whether a company is a member of an ATA. There are two ATA’s for the parking
    industry, the British Parking Association (BPA) and the Independent Parking
    Committee (IPC). Information on their codes of practice can be found on their
    The ATA’s in the private parking section have both established independent appeals
    services. They cover all tickets issued on private land by the ATA members and are
    entirely funded by the parking sector. The BPA service is known as Parking on
    Private Land Appeals (POPLA) and the IPC service is known as the Independent
    Appeals Service (IAS). The company that issued the parking charge must supply
    details of how to refer an appeal to the relevant appeal service. "

  4. This has me wondering about something that came through last week.
    I received a letter from a debt collection agency demanding a large sum of money on behalf of another company that does credit searches. I have no knowledge of either of these companies and have received no previous communication. Thought it was a very professional scam.
    Now i have an outstanding (just like Trev would say) ticket from way back that ANPR wouldnt issue me a popla code for, maybe because of several previous spankings i gave them.
    Could this be another of Prestons finests dodgy practices?

  5. yes , and what happens if everybody leaves the BPA and the IPC , because of appeal cost?

    we are left with a system with no appeals , ticket + DCA = CC papers , the parking system as we know it is now over ,

  6. To save a lot of searching here is the CSA complaint form. It will be well used.

    1. after receiving this from the DVLA
      "DVLA do not release data to ANPR Limited for trespass and CSA is not recognised as a relevant ATA for the purposes of releasing data for parking / trespass purposes.

      a formal complaint has been made

  7. Well, it would solve the problem of rogue "parking" companies if they all just eschew parking management and become straight up debt collectors.

  8. Looks like the back door might just have been slammed in Trev's face. Enfield Freddy has posted a categorical email from the DVLA's Liz Symons, confirming that ANPR Ltd will not be allowed access to data via CSA.

    1. oy that's me!

      Preston council ,are running around like headless chickens now !

    2. An unusually quick application of common sense for the DVLA.
      I thought that penalty points were meant to transfer between ATA's though?

    3. seems only PPC ATAs ,

  9. BPA not amused , see postings on MSE + pepipoo

  10. BPA should begin legal action for undermining their business.

  11. they should have started with the IPC !