Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Prankster update

Facebook have asked that The Prankster page be a community page rather than a 'real person' page. The new facebook page is now live and available here:

The Prankster guide to defending a ParkingEye claim is being updated following the Beavis result and changes to consumer legislation, and so is temporarily not available.

The Prankster guide to the court process is slightly out of date, but still available. The pre-action conduct guidelines changed in April 2015.

The Prankster website is out of date following the Beavis result and will be updated soon.

The Prankster has recently been the subject of slanderous attacks on social media by various cowards and bullies so may have to remove posting privileges or specific posts from time to time. The police have been notified. Any contact which is slanderous, inflammatory or harrassing, whether about The Prankster or any other person, will be logged and kept as evidence.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. You realise you just fed the trolls, right?

    NEVER feed the trolls.

  2. Can't stand FB.
    I don't understand it and I certainly don't want all the background adverts of busty women popping up asking me if I would like to get to know them

  3. What background adverts? Try adblock+

  4. I don't use FB - not secure enough

  5. You mean libel not slander. Libel is written defamation and slander is spoken. You provide am incredible service for so many people, and this abuse shows they are scared of you. Keep up the good work!