Friday, 15 May 2015

Picture of the week - ParkingEye target abusive parking in Ambulance bay

From facebook...

Here's how it ended:
An update on the parking ticket after speaking with the facilities dept who have been extremely helpful...our ambulance wasn't the one that was suppose to get ticketed. Another ambulance blocked the blue light route and ours was ticketed by accident.

The ticket has been cancelled.
An easy mistake to make...issuing the ticket to a different vehicle.

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  1. That moment when something makes you say "What the actual f**k?" out loud...

  2. A completely different slant to phrase "ambulance chasers"

  3. A tiny part of me expected to see a non-emergency ambulance. At least then they would have had a tiny hint of an excuse to issue the ticket. But no. Blue light bar on top of the vehicle. /facepalm

  4. Wouldn't matter if it was a non-emergency ambulance, as long as it's taxation class is ambulance, and it's being used to transport patients, it's OK to park there!
    PE really are morons...

  5. I thought that PE only used ANPR. Does this mean that they actually have boots on the ground operatives too? or is it a self-ticekting operation with the Royal Free security staff getting a backhander for ticketing vehicles?

    1. They have a small number of operatives - eg at Ikea

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  7. you couldn't make this up !!

  8. The "attendant" appears to be some sort of loathsome worthless cold blooded parasitical snake.

    Sorry, I mean the scrawl in the signature box.

    The "attendant" is doubtless warm blooded. If they're capable of standing in sunlight without bursting into flames.

  9. If the ticket was issued to a vehicle other than an ambulance, I would challenge it anyway on the basis that it has been incorrectly issued. Is that the genuine signature of the attendant?

  10. The attendant should put their name on teh ticket. No name and the number box empty, so ticket not validly issued.

  11. Private parking invoices don't have to obey rules about signatures or being properly issued. Like any there must be certain information like the name & bricks & mortar address of the company, company number etc but a signature or lack of it is irrelevant,

  12. make of vehicle : Renault AMBULANCE , colour YELLOW

    reason for ticket : parking in an AMBULANCE ONLY bay

    you could not make this up!

  13. Obviously a consultant signed it.