Sunday, 3 May 2015

ParkingEye case stayed until Supreme Court decides on Beavis

At least one case has already been stayed until the Supreme Court has had a chance to decide on the Beavis case.

29 April 2015 Kingston upon Thames. ParkingEye v Mr B A7FC835N

Before the case, ParkingEye's representative from LPC Law asked the clerk to point out Mr B. He approached the defendant and said that ParkingEye v Beavis has gone in ParkingEye's favour. Mr B replied that he would ask for an adjournment until the Supreme Court ruling. The LPC Law representative laughed and said that was not going to happen as the court would not want to prolong the case. Mr B replied 'See you in court.'

As it happened the judge agreed with Mr B and the case is now stayed. The LPC Law representative was not pleased, but on the other hand he still trousered an estimated £200-£300 so that's not bad money for a few minutes work.

ParkingEye are known to be writing to the courts to get the stay lifted on all cases which were held over until the Beavis result. The Prankster suggests all defendants write back to the court, opposing the lifting of the stay, quoting the above case and asking for the stay to remain until the Supreme Court hearing has been held.

The Prankster does wonder at the sensibleness of ParkingEye's strategy. If they do succeed in getting the stay lifted only for it to be reapplied at a hearing, their eventual LPC Law costs for 3 hearings will be around £900. As the parking charge is a maximum of £100, they will out of pocket by £800 even if they finally win the case.

Currently the largest number of hearings a case has taken (that the Prankster is aware of) is 3, which means ParkingEye will be down by £1100 if they choose to go to a fourth hearing and win, or £1400 if it gets stayed again and goes to a fifth hearing.

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  1. Lets hope this trend continues

  2. LPC Law might be doing these on a fee per case basis, counting on lots of people not contesting and not having to actually go as far as court.

  3. Is there any way to alert the whole judicial system of this?
    It could be a really expensive episode.

  4. Probably fed up that PE are at that court every fortnight with the same nonsense. Do they think DJ's do not read newspapers?

  5. Has anyone got a template requesting a stay for beavis and the supreme court?