Tuesday, 19 November 2013

UKPC and the time travelling POPLA code

This post on pepipoo tells the sorry tale of a parking company who told lies to the British Parking Association and got found out by the motorist.

Luckily for the parking company, the British Parking Association are currently toothless and the probability of them issuing sanction points for this is about as likely as Manchester United picking The Prankster for next weeks first team. (Hint. David Moyes, if you are reading this, my email address is and I am available Saturday but not Sunday)

The parking company, UKPC, lied to the BPA and told them that a POPLA code was issued to the motorist in a letter that mysteriously never arrived.

However the motorist caught out UKPC because the POPLA code secretly contains the day it was generated, as explained in this post. The POPLA date code was 311 which means it was generated on 7th November, which was after the motorist complained to the BPA. UKPC say the letter was sent out on the 28th October, which is obviously impossible. They therefore only generated the code after the BPA contacted them.

Steve Clark of the BPA has confirmed that he is not interested that UKPC have lied to him, and that the case is closed.

The Prankster commends Mr Clark's bullish attitude and no doubt he will be playing centre forward alongside The Prankster at Old Trafford in the near future.

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The Prankster would like to thank SRM for bringing this interesting case to his attention

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  1. Mr Clark and his colleague Mr Beasley are about as useful as a glass hammer when it comes to 'driving up standards in the parking profession'

    I personally can't imagine how unspeakably depressing I would find it to have to spend my days coming up with ways to defend the dismal behaviour that their members get up to.