Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Prankster boobs yet again. ParkingEye job titles

[27/11/13 The Prankster has been asked to remove certain information from this post, and has of course complied]
[02/02/2014 The Prankster unredacts after considering that it is in the public interests and in line with his article10 rights ]

Actually The Prankster didn't boob again. He is just re-using yesterday's blog title in a blatant attempt to play the system.

Yesterday The Prankster had a massive amount of hits on the blog. He can only assume the word 'boob' somehow shows up highly in search engines. He has no idea why. Boob.

Today's blog lists the 166 jobs at ParkingEye. Boob.

The Prankster has arbitrarily assigned these jobs to categories which may or may not be correct. Some of the engineers The Prankster assumes are writing and installing software may for instance be involved with hardware and site installations, for instance. These days the word 'engineer' covers a broad category. Boob.

Appeals and Enforcement 40 Jobs

Appeals Team Manager
Appeals Team Leader
Appeals Deputy Team Leader
Appeals Assessor x 24
POPLA co-ordinator
Claims Team Leader
Claims Handler x 4
Enforcement Team Manager
Enforcer x 5
Enforcement Administrator Assistant

Sales 23 Jobs
Sales Director
Sales Administrator
Head of Business Development
Business Manager Telesales
Client Services Director
Head Account Manager
Account Manager x 5
Key Account Manager x 4
Commercial Manager x 8

In house systems 18 jobs
Technical Director
Software Development Manager
R&D Manager
Project Manager
Technical Installations Engineer
Technical Support Team Leader
Technical Maintenance Engineer x 7
Technical Support Analyst x 2
Data Analyst/Report Writer
User Support

Parking 20 jobs
Parking Enforcement Supervisor
Parking Enforcement Officer x 12
Highways operative x 7

Operations 33 jobs
Operations Director
Operations co-ordinator x 2
Installation team manager
Installation co-ordinator
Civils team manager
Civils co-ordinator
Driver assistant engineer
Electrical engineer
Engineer x 15
Maintenance Engineer
Maintenance Operative
As built surveyor
Signage co-ordinator
Signage installer
Pay and display maintenance
Warehouse supervisor
Warehouse operator

Legal 2 jobs
Head of Legal

Office 20 jobs
Receptionist x 2
Procurement Manager
Logistics Manager
Human Resources Manager
Director x 3
Company Secretary
Managing Director
Accounts assistant x 2
Administration team Manager
Administration Team Leader
Administration Deputy Team Leader
Administration Assistant x 14

The Prankster notes the small amount of people apparently devoted to signage, and compared this to the large amounts of complaints about signage that exist. Boob.

The Prankster notes the small amount of people apparently devoted to handling the 400-500 claims Rachel Ledson files per week, and wonders if this is anything to do with the chaotic handling that is apparent with their claims processes, with ParkingEye missing deadlines, having claims stayed and failing to turn up at hearings. Obviously anyone with a claim stayed should point out that ParkingEye do not appear to have enough people handling claims and therefore any re-activation of the claim should be resisted. Boob.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. Interestingly their year end accounts state 7 Admin staff and some 111 sales staff, no mention of any of the above jobs :)

  2. Obviously your hits went up when you made a tit of yourself.

  3. Reading the last three blog posts I noticed there is an organ between a pair of boobs. What effect this will have on site traffic remains to be seen.