Wednesday, 27 November 2013

P4Parking pass BPA audit

This thread on pepipoo confirms that P4Parking passed their BPA audit in August 2013.

The thread also points out they made the following errors while issuing a parking charge:
  • The company registration and VAT numbers on the Notice to Driver belong to P4Parking (UK) Ltd
  • That company has been dormant or non-trading since March 2010
  • There is therefore not likely to be any contract for car park management between P4Parking(UK) Ltd and the landowner
  • The signs refer to a different company, P4Parking trading as P4Parking Ltd
  • P4Parking went straight from issuing a windscreen ticket to debt collection. No Notice to Keeper was ever given
  • The debt collection letter stated the car was in a different place to the NtD letter
  • P4Parking refused to give a POPLA code after the keeper appealed within 28 days of receiving the debt collector letter
  • The debt collector, TNC, ignored the keeper's letter that the debt is denied
  • TNC sent three more letters demanding payment and one demanding urgent consultation
  • TNC refer to the charge as a 'Penalty Enforcement Notice'
  • The signs indicate the amount is a contractual charge
  • The ticket indicates the amount is for breach of contract
  • The signs state: Your vehicle may also be issued with a parking charge notice if found; Parked without displaying valid Road Tax issued by the DVLA
  • There is no such thing as 'Road Tax'. In any case, issuing charges for non display of a Tax Disc is not a function available to private parking companies
  • This is not an isolated incident of bad practice
  • Here is another
No doubt the BPA will sort all this conflicting information out to the satisfaction of their members, and help drive up standards in parking.

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  1. BPA Audit

    BPA: 'Have you got the money for membership fees?'
    PPC: 'Yes we have'
    BPA: 'You're in'