Wednesday, 13 November 2013

ParkingEye witness statement debacle continues. Aldi witness statements not signed by actual witness

The Prankster today learned of an interesting phone call between a concerned motorist and 'Rachel' from Aldi.

The motorist called Aldi to find why the witness statement was in the name of Belinda Barlow, store operations director, but signed by someone else. There was a clear 'pp' by the signature.

Soon after, he got a call back...

"Hi it's Rachel from Aldi Parking Management Department Administrative Assistant. You called regards a POPLA appeal."

"No I did not, I called as to see why or who is signing witness statements on behalf of  Belinda Barlow."

"I have full authorisation to sign them or my colleague does."

"I cannot make the name out. You are Rachel Ledson?"

"No, I am Rachel Organ."

"Who is your colleague?"

"Laura Theobold and we do have authority to sign them."

"Could you explain why a witness statement has been produced but not signed by the actual person its from making it null and void?"

"Does it matter? POPLA are accepting them. Complain to them if you want too!!! These are only sent out to POPLA appeals."

So there you have it. Aldi admit to sending out witness statements not signed by the witness and apparently POPLA are accepting them. Presumably Aldi enclose a second witness statement explaining that Rachel and Laura have authority to sign on behalf of Belinda Barlow.

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  1. I wonder if Mr Lester has given this practice the OK?