Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Hot topic at the Range

Here is a link to the Range's facebook page.

It seems that the most popular topic at the moment is the predatory tactics of their parking enforcers, ParkingEye.

Aldi's facebook page has been dominated for months by the predatory tactics of their parking enforcers who are, uh, also ParkingEye. The Range can no doubt look forward to a similar PR disaster.

The British Parking Association recommends that as well as appealing to the parking company, motorists should also get in touch with the landowner regarding tickets:
It may also be worth writing to the company/individuals that own the piece of land who may have contracted out the operation of enforcing the parking.
The Prankster considers this excellent advice and he knows of many tickets which have been cancelled in this way. As well as getting your ticket cancelled, this has the side benefit of informing the landowner just how many customers they are losing because of the predatory tactics of their parking enforcers. Many landowners have cancelled contracts with ParkingEye and motorist complaints are certainly a factor.

To get in touch with The Range, The Prankster recommends using these addresses.

The Range Chesterfield, The Range Southampton (possibly other Ranges too)
Paul Shrewbrook, COO, CDS Superstores International, Tamar House, Thornbury Road, Plymouth, PL6 7PT

(please update The Prankster with any missing addresses at the usual email address)

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

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