Thursday, 14 November 2013

ParkingEye - enforcing maximum value

[The trademark derivation below appears without the permission of Parking Eye Ltd, who registered the original, or ParkingEye Ltd, who are a parking enforcement company; its use is Fair Dealing for the purposes of criticism and review. The Parking Prankster wishes to state he has no connection with Parking Eye Ltd or ParkingEye Ltd; that he has no connection with their business practices, such as issuing charges to Good Samaritans and motorists who overstay by 33 seconds; and that he has no connection with their court practices, such as filing thousands of claims without first sending a Letter Before Claim compliant with Practice Directions, regularly filing new legal points and evidence after the filing deadline has passed and turning up in court with contracts dated after the parking event.]

Here is Parking Eye's one registered trademark.

If ParkingEye were also to adopt this slogan then they would have to explain that the maximum value is enforced for themselves, not their customers and certainly not their customers' customers.

Somerfield found this out when they tried to cancel because ParkingEye were sending fake claims to their customers and ParkingEye sued them. It cost them £300,000

Aldi found this out. Now their facebook page is littered with complaints about ParkingEye

The Range found this out. Now there is a facebook page dedicated to fighting the ParkingEye blight at Barrow-in-Furness.

The Lake District National Park Authority found this out when visitors got issued with £480,000 worth of charge notices. See some tripadvisor reports here.

The Sir Robert Peel Hospital found this out when "sloppy and heavy handed" charges were issued.

Edinburgh City Council found this out when drivers were penalised for double dipping.

The people of Thornbury found this out.

Mike's sister found this out.

Orwell bikes found this out when DC Leisure bought in ParkingEye into their joint car park

Law firm DWF presumably found this out during due diligence when they advised Capita on their purchase of ParkingEye for £57 million

Falcon hotels found this out when they started to get bad reviews on TripAdvisor

Here is ParkingEye's template response on these matters.

The Prankster believes that ParkingEye may be on to something here, and suggests that motorists take their advice and avoid all ParkingEye car parks. There are plenty of alternative retail outlets that do not use ParkingEye.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

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