Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Do you have a court hearing with ParkingEye in the near future?

If you are being taken to court by ParkingEye, and have a court hearing in the near future then The Prankster would like to help out.

The likelihood is that he will not be able to appear personally, due to all the other cases he is helping with; however, if you contact him by email at then he will provide you with the following:

  • details of all the suspicious landowner witness forms he has received and a sample letter to send to court to ask for the witness statement to be disregarded unless the witness turns up for questioning
  • details of lies, unfounded allegations, misleading statements and dodgy tactics used by Jonathan Langham of ParkingEye, together with a signed witness statement from the Prankster and a sample letter you can send to court to ask for the witness statement to be disregarded unless Jonathan Langham turns up for questioning
  • questions to ask in court that the ParkingEye tame lawyer will find it difficult to answer
  • evidence you can use in court, including a copy of ParkingEye's contract
  • sample points you can file for your defence, if the filing deadline has not expired
  • The Prankster's guide to a court hearing
In return, the Prankster asks for the following
  • Permission to use details from your case, which includes your case number and your initials (but not your full name unless you state otherwise) to help others
  • A copy of the claim form, to prove you are not really ParkingEye
  • A copy of the landowner witness statement
If possible, The Prankster would also like the following, but this is not essential
  • A copy of Jonathan Langham's witness statement, together with any new evidence introduced at the time. This will often be a redacted copy of the contract and a pre-estimate of loss calculation, but may include other stuff as well. 
  • Evidence previously sent is not necessary, but might be helpful. Please clearly indicate it is old evidence if you send it
  • A copy of ParkingEye's pre-estimate of loss calculation, if not already included
  • A copy of the front sheet of ParkingEye's contract, if you have it. To allay ParkingEye's fears, The Prankster will not publish this on any forum, or indeed on the internet. He agrees only to use it for the purposes of proving that ParkingEye are poltroons of low integrity and only if the front sheet suggests this is the case
Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. Would not surprise me if they stop going to trials.

    Tactic seems to have shifted to asking for mediation in the last week or so.

    The next step is to look in to how to make an application that they are vexatious litigants.

  2. Just a word of caution - asking for a claim form is not conclusive proof that the person(s) contacting you are not acting for ParkingEye - because as the claimant they will also receive a copy of the claim form I believe...

    1. True, but the claim form contains the address to which I will be posting my signed witness statement, so any funny business will be apparent if the defendant goes, 'huh, why did you send me this?'

    2. which point serious data protection questions arise

  3. I got my revised pack from them today, no mediation offer for me