Sunday, 9 June 2013

Tracy Kiss sticks it to UKPC

The Parking Prankster is loving Tracy Kiss's blog highlighting the sneaky and duplicitous tactics employed by UKPC.

Following in the footsteps of radioactive spiders and Spartacus, The Prankster has no doubt that ordinary entrepreneur, author, blog writer, mother, survivor and model Tracy Kiss will also get her parking charge notice cancelled. What a shame it seems to be taking so long.

Here are some of the underhand tactics employed by UKPC, according to the Prankster's reading of Tracy's blog.

Ignoring an undertaking given by their employee

The Parking Attendant clearly told Tracy that the ticket would be cancelled. As an employee and agent of the company, UKPC cannot ignore his undertaking.

Losing her letter

UKPC 'lost' Tracy's letter, along with her copy of the ticket. How convenient for them! The Prankster has also been the victim of similar mysteriously lost letters by parking companies. Like Tracy, The Prankster always photographs everything before he posts it. He also gets a proof of postage, which is free from any post office.

Not providing any reasons for refusing the appeal

The Lead Adjudicator of POPLA has written about this kind of behaviour in his annual report in the section 'Standard Wording in the Operator's Rejection'. Parking companies should not issue template rejection letters but should actually address the issues raised by the motorist.


The Prankster is disappointed that Tracy did not appeal to POPLA because he is certain she had more than enough grounds to get the charge cancelled. UKPC have one of the worst records at POPLA with more tickets cancelled than any other parking company.

DVLA in on the scam?

The saga continues. Now the DVLA has stonewalled Tracy as well. While trying to find out if UKPC have lied to her, the DVLA have refused to provide her with any details, trying to charge her twice as much as  the parking company paid them for the information in the first place. They have also refused to provide her with the same information that has been provided for free to other people in the past. Is this a conspiracy between the DVLA and the parking companies, or is this just incompetence on the part of the DVLA? After all, the person who should have answered Tracy was on holiday, and a minion answered in his place. Perhaps it was just a mistake and when Mr Evans returns from holiday he will be able to sort everything out.

The Prankster eagerly awaits the next turns and twists in the story. He wishes her luck and is certain she will prevail in the end. He notes that pepipoo and Parking Cowboys are on the case and are helping out!

More UKPC boo-boos

Here is a story Nutsville ran about UKPC forgetting to secure their servers.

If you paid a parking charge to UKPC in the last six years, especially if it was at a hospital, and especially if that hospital was Stoke Mandeville, Wycombe or Amersham, check out The Parking Prankster's previous blog entries starting here to find how to claim your money back.

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