Tuesday, 4 June 2013

POPLA facing 5 month backlog. Still, it's better than 18 months.

Update:The Prankster has now seen the real report here and accepts that this blog post is therefore wildy inaccurate. Like a mad game of Chinese Whispers, this blog proves that a report of a report is not a good source for writing a report. The Prankster will leave this blog up for posterity, and write a second blog post some time soon.

According to this article published today in the Standard, POPLA has currently received over 4,000 appeals. According to the same article, it took six months to process the first 1,969 of these. This is a rate of around 330 a month and leaves around 2000 cases still to be adjudicated.

POPLA started in November 2012, so its six months were up in April. Assuming another 330 cases were processed in May, that still leaves 1670 cases, or about 5 months worth.

The BPA Ltd assumed that POPLA would be taking around 17k cases a year, or 8500 every six months. Currently we are well down on that figure, which would have caused the backlog to be around 18 months if another 4500 cases had been added.

The Prankster has not seen the figures on which the Standard article is based, so there may be some inaccuracies. He suspects they are taken from the Lead Adjudicator's six month report which was due to be published now, but has not yet been made public. Perhaps newspapers had an early look. The Prankster will revisit the figures once they are made public.

Meanwhile, here are the figures to date:

      Cases Completed Won by Operator

Jan 25 1490       650             260
Feb 6  1551       843             328
May 1  4000      1969             911 

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The Prankster thanks Parking Cowboys and BailiffHunter for tweeting the Standard article and bringing it to his attention.

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