Sunday, 23 June 2013

Parking Prankster makes a boo boo

[Edit: The Parking Prankster did make a boo boo, but it wasn't the one he thought he made. The boo boo was taking down the Aldi number too quickly - it was the correct number after all. The rest of this post is left for posterity, but please note everything in red is incorrect.]

The Parking Prankster made a boo boo by publishing the telephone number for ParkingEye rather than for Aldi in this post. He hopes no-one was fooled if they actually called the number.

The Prankster has now removed the number from the post. It seems he is not alone. Aldi have been removing posts referring to ParkingEye as fast as they can...

...not fast enough apparently. Here are some more.

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