Thursday, 20 June 2013

Free Parking, Yate Shopping Centre

Parking companies like to think that putting up a sign creates a contract between themselves and the motorist. That's all very well, but what holds for one party also holds for the other. Here is the actual entrance signage at the Tesco car park in Yate, managed by Highview Parking.
As you can see, it's a fairly simple contract, offering 'FREE PARKING'. There are no other conditions, such as limited duration, requirements to park within lines, etc. The Parking Prankster thinks that any motorist entering this car park in Yate would be well advised to accept these terms and conditions rather than those they might encounter on any other signs offering parking contracts elsewhere in the car park.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. The Parking Prankster offers good, straightforward advice. Every little helps, as they say at Tesco. In balance, not everyone may hold a 'Highview' of the Parking Prankster.

  2. A question Mr. Prankster: Highview Parking Ltd are a 'small' company with assets of around £30,000. ( Who are you paying when you hand over a cheque on receipt of one of their invoices?

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  4. I've just received a parking fine from Highview Parking, with photos, saying I was parked there for 5 hours, which may be true. However, I always thought it was free parking? Is it or not?

  5. If you accepted the contact on the first sign (pictured), it's free parking forever. If you accepted Highview's contract, then it's only free for a while. Appeal to Highview then POPLA, also stating you do not believe Highview have a contract with the landowner and that you do not believe Highview's charges are a true pre-estimate of loss.

  6. I apparently parked in yate shopping centre longer than 4 hours in Mid Sept this year. But, moved out of the area shortly after the alleged offence of exceeding the 4 hour parking limit by half an hour.
    I wasn’t aware of this until recently when I received a "Legal Action Pending" letter from Highview act on behalf of I assume Tesco. I have explained this to them and how I used the cark park many times that day while shopping in Yate and Tesco (each for no longer than 2hrs). I also politely requested they provide me with details of what law or regulations I have breached, evidence the vehicle where the parked as they have sent me photos of the car exiting and travelling around a corner, proof their client owns the car park as this was before the Tesco development a public car park, how I make "sufficient" payment if I knew I was going to exceed the 4 hours and pointed out there are no conspicuous signage saying there is a limit of 4 hours free parking. I have now received a letter back saying as a gesture of goodwill they will reduce the penalty from £120 to £80 if paid in the next 14 days.
    Should I cough up or let the matter "escalate accordingly" as they threaten in their letter and if I do what are the likely consequences?

    1. The carpark is nothing to do with Tesco, it is owned by the shopping centre owners and has never been a public carpark.

    2. The carpark is nothing to do with Tesco, it is owned by the shopping centre owners and has never been a public carpark.