Monday, 17 June 2013

Bradford Council join the Euro ahead of the rest of the UK

Bradford Council stole a march on the rest of the UK by joining the Euro. The Ian Clough car park in Baildon, West Yorkshire, was fitted with a ticket machine which only took euros, not any of that old fashioned 'British money' such as pound coins or other malarkey. Unsuspecting motorists who did not happen to have any euros on them were duly ticketed. In an ironic twist, two ward councillors were among those finding themselves euroless just when it really mattered.

Bradford Council have apparently repented their unilateral decision to go Euro and the ticket machine now accepts UK coins. Perhaps someone told them about Greece.

This article in the Daily Mail explains all. The Parking Prankster admits to not checking any of the facts himself - but it's in the Daily Mail so it must be true.

The article is silent on whether all tickets were cancelled and any monies paid refunded.

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