Thursday, 27 June 2013

Independent Parking Committee Ltd

Notomob and Nutsville are posting and tweeting that there is to be a new Accredited Trade Association (ATA) called Independent Parking Committee Ltd. The DVLA have already been in discussion with this new company, according to documents released under FoI requests. This will mean the end of the British Parking Association Ltd monopoly.

This document explains the role of ATAs. In a nutshell, ATA members can request DVLA information electronically, rather than via paper, which is necessary for the bulk processes of the parking industry. If you're not a member of an ATA, you can't enforce your parking charges because you can't get the address of the registered keeper. That was good news for the BPA Ltd when they were the only game in town, because everyone had to join them and pay their fees. Now there is another player, the situation will change substantially.

According to CompanyCheck, Independent Parking Committee Ltd were formed on 11th October 2012.

The Parking Prankster assumes that the BPA Ltd will welcome the competition, which can only help to drive up standards and reduce costs. Although if the competition is too good of course, costs may be reduced to zero.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

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